Welcome to the website for Computer Crimes and Personal Security, Module 2 in the Hybrid Online / In-Person Cybersecurity Law and Policy course sequence at Seton Hall Law School.

Lecture: Class 1

Here is the online lecture for Class 1.  In this class, we introduce the different methods cyber criminals use and discuss the costs of cyber crime.  It’s important to have some understanding of how cyber criminals operate and the nature of cyber crime in order to evaluate and apply the computer crime and personal security laws will will examine during this course.

The lecture video references some reports that were published last year.  In your reading, I have provided current reports covering the 2016 calendar year.  The important thing with this information is not the details but the general discussion of methods of attack and overall costs.  The reading materials also include some optional videos, which are interesting but not required.  Also, I highly recommend the show Cyberwar on VICE TV — again, not required, but a fascinating look into the depths of cybercrime.

Class 7

For Class 7, here is a brief introductory video and some external video content.  You need to watch all the videos to “attend” this class.

Introductory Video:

Goodman TED Talk:

This next video is part 2 of a video from a conference panel.  You can find part 1 on YouTube if you’re interested, but part 2 has the content I want you to watch: