Papers and Publications

Rembrandt_Scholar_at_the_LecternThis page contains links to my legal scholarship relating to cybersecurity law.

Cybersecurity, Data Breaches, and the Economic Loss Doctrine in the Payment Card Industry, 75 Maryland L. Rev. 935 (2016).  Evaluates the application of the economic loss doctrine in data breach cases particularly in light of network economics in the payment card industry.

Drone Courts, 44 Rutgers L.J. 413 (2014).  Argues for a special, limited court to test the legality of targeted drone strikes.

Does the Communications Act of 1934 Contain a Hidden Internet Kill Switch, 65 Federal Communications Law J. 1 (2013).  Examines executive powers provisions of the Communications Act of 1934.

Cybersecurity and Executive Power, 89 Washington L. Rev. 795 (2012).  Assesses the authority of the U.S. President over the Internet in times of cyber-emergency.