Course Policies

This course is part of a sequence of of four hybrid online / in-person 1-credit modules: (1) Internet Law and Governance Foundations; (2) Cybersecurity: Computer Crimes and Personal Security; (3) Cybersecurity: National Security, Surveillance, and Cyber-War; and (4) Evidence, Cyber-Compliance, and Cyber-Investigations.  Each module is worth one (1) credit and runs for the equivalent of a half semester.  Module (1) is a prerequisite to any of the other modules. After taking module (1), students are free to take any of the other modules, in any sequence.  Some students may choose to take only module (1).

Course content is delivered through (a) online content comprised of readings, audio and/or video lectures, external videos, and a discussion board; and (b) a weekly one hour in-person class meeting.  The in-person class meeting will focus on discussion of the materials presented through the online content.

This arrangement presents a number of advantages for the student, including scheduling flexibility, ability to deliver basic doctrinal content online and focus on in-depth theoretical discussion in person, up-to-the-minute content updates, and modularity.

Students will be evaluated in modules (1)-(3) through essay and multiple choice exams at the conclusion of the module.  In Module (4), students are evaluated through skills-based exercises.  Modules (1)-(3) are graded according to the ordinary grading scale for doctrinal classes.  Module (4) is graded according to the High Pass/Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading scale for skills courses.

For this Module (3) National Security, Surveillance, and Cyber War, the exam will be a take-home that will be available for check out at a date to be established.