Lecture: Class 1

Here is the online lecture material for Class 1.  In this class, we introduce the different methods cyber criminals use and discuss the costs of cyber crime.  It’s important to have some understanding of how cyber criminals operate and the nature of cyber crime in order to evaluate and apply the computer crime and personal security laws will will examine during this course.

The first lecture video references some data from the Ponemon Institute study included in your readings.  This data relates to the costs of economic cyber crimes against corporate victims:

The second short video features former FBI Director Robert Mueller describing how the FBI deals with cybercrime:

The next short video is from Vice TV’s “Cyberwar” program and describes one famous Russian hacker:

The final video is a lecture given by Ken Blanco, Acting Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, on personal cybercrimes such as cyberstalking,  harassment, and swatting.  You can skip the introductions and start watching at about four minutes in.  Note Blanco’s comments about the holes in federal law concerning these crimes.  As we will see, there are some state laws dealing with some of these issues, but some of these statutes raise difficult First Amendment and privacy issues.

There are also some optional videos provided with the readings.

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