Bot Code, Norms, and Law

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There’s a good post on Dark Reading by Ido Safruti about norms and etiquette for bot code.  According to Imperva’s most recent bot traffic report, bots comprise the majority of Internet traffic.  May bots are intentionally disruptive or misleading — for example, bots that create comment link spam on blogs.  Others are useful — for example, […]

Microsoft and the Law of the Cloud

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Microsoft is waging a multi-front legal war over control of the “cloud.”  The Second Circuit recently handed Microsoft a battlefield victory in a case captioned In the Matter of a Warrant to Search a Certain E-Mail Account Controlled and Maintained by Microsoft Corporation, — F.3d —, 2016 WL 3770056 (2nd Cir. 2016). The case concerns […]

Internet Law and Governance: Some Materials

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I’m teaching a module on Internet Law and Governance at Seton Hall Law School again this semester.  Here is some of the introductory material for this week, including a video lecture I created: For our first class, we will discuss some basic principles of Internet “governance.”  I put “governance” in quotes here because, as you […]

ICANN’s Transition Proposal

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You may have heard of “ICANN” in connection with procedures for resolving domain name disputes.  What you may not realize is that ICANN is at the heart of “Internet governance,” and that even today there is a heated dispute about whether the United States government should retain any ongoing oversight of ICANN’s functions. “ICANN” stands […]

Sikhs for Justice v. Facebook: Site Blocking

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The ability of an ISP or social media site to block access to controversial or inflammatory content is a difficult issue at the intersection of cybersecurity and Internet governance.  In a case just decided by Judge Lucy Koh in the Northern District of California, Facebook won dismissal on the pleadings of Sikhs for Justice’s (“SFJ”) claim that […]