Fourth Circuit Revives Wikimedia NSA Case

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Yesterday the Fourth Circuit reinstated a case brought by the Wikimedia Foundation concerning the National Security Agency’s bulk “Upstream” surveillance program.  Under the Upstream program, the NSA collects traffic on the U.S. Internet backbone.  The Government claims that this collection is targeted to specific queries relating to terror investigations and other intelligence matters.  As a result, […]

Cybersurveillance Developments

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Over the past few months there has been a flurry of sometimes contradictory activity concerning the government’s ability to access electronic information in the course of a criminal investigation.  This article highlights three recent proposals that show how the broader policy debate is playing out at the level of specific legal rules. Changes to the […]

Klayman v. Obama Preliminary Injunction of NSA Program

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Judge Richard Leon in the District of Columbia federal court has again issued a preliminary injunction against the continuation of the NSA bulk telephony metadata collection program.  The bulk collection program is set to expire on November 29, 2015 under the USA FREEDOM Act, so the injunction in this case will not have long-term impact. […]