Microsoft and the Law of the Cloud: to the Supreme Court

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Last year I wrote about Microsoft’s Stored Communications Act litigation.  The dispute has now worked its way up to the Supreme Court.  Andrew Keane Woods offers a good primer on the case on the Lawfare Blog.  I generally agree with Andrew’s take:  (1) the extraterritoriality issues do not seem to raise major sovereignty concerns; and (2) […]

The FTC, Ransomware, and You

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“Ransomware” is malicious software that enables attackers to hold computer data or a computer network hostage until a ransom is paid.  Ransomware often encrypts all the files on a system, making them unusable until the attacker supplies an encryption key.  An FBI Alert issued last week stated that ransomware infections are at an “all-time high.”  […]

xDedic Marketplace

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Kaspersky Lab released a report on June 15 on the “XDedic” marketplace.  According to the report, “xDedic” is a trading platform where cybercriminals can purchase any of over 70,000 hacked servers from all around the internet. It appears to be run by a Russian-speaking group of hackers. The report includes screenshots of the XDedic user dashboard, […]

Charges Announced in J.P. Morgan Hacking Case 

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Federal prosecutors unsealed indictments against three men who allegedly engaged in a sprawling cybercriminal enterprise that hacked into J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and several U.S. financial institutions. Source: Charges Announced in J.P. Morgan Hacking Case – WSJ