Class 3: Internet Governance, Physical Territory, and Markets

Readings and Materials

Lecture Materials

Fact Sheet on EU Google Fine, June 27, 2017

Clearcorrect Operating LLC v. International Trade Commission, 810 F.3d 1283 (Fed. Cir. 2015).

Neil W. Netanel, Cyberspace Self-Governance:  A Skeptical View from Liberal Democratic Theory, 88 Calif. L. Rev. 395 (2000)(excerpts)

Dan Hunter, Cyberspace as Place and the Tragedy of the Digital Anticommons, 91 Cal. L. Rev. 439 (2003) (excerpts)

Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu, Who Controls the Internet?  Illusions of a Borderless World (Oxford 2d ed. 2008) (excerpts) (Note — if you’re interested in this material, read all the excerpts I’ve provided.  If you’re pressed for time, you can read only pages 65-78)

Yochai Benkler, The Wealth of Networks:  How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (2006), Chapter 4, “The Economics of Social Production”   (Note — this is a long and dense chapter.  If you really want to dive into the material, I recommend you read the whole thing.  But if you are pressed for time, you can read the Chapter Summary on the book’s Wiki Page.  You are only required to read the Chapter Summary.)