Class 5 Lecture Materials

Here are the lecture materials for Class 5, comprised of an audio lecture and an external video, and the Certification.

In this class, we continue the discussion of intellectual property in cyberspace, with a focus on trademarks domain name disputes.  As we have discussed, the DNS is a fundamental part of Internet governance.  The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) was controversial when it was first adopted.  It is now taken for granted as part of life in cyberspace, even if disputes sometimes still pop up over its application in particular kinds of cases.

The audio lecture also includes some additional information about the ICANN transition, which we have already discussed.  You’ll notice that recent events have overtaken some of the material in this lecture, although there is some useful information in it about the ICANN transition plan.

There is also a video interview with domain name pioneer Frank Schilling demonstrating the economic value of rights in domain names.

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