Class 2 Lecture 2

Here are the required videos for class 2 and the Certificate of Attendance.

In this class we ask a meta question:  “what is ‘law’?”  As we began to explore in our first class, the sources of “Internet Law” include an ad hoc mixture of rules and norms.  In this class, we will dive deeper into what “law” might mean in “cyberspace.”  In particular, we’ll see how the principles of “information theory” relate to the famous (or infamous) claim that in cyberspace “code is law.”

There is lots of “theory” in this lecture and it might not immediately be evident how all of it applies to “Internet Law.”  Stick with it.  It all really is important to the key legal / policy debates we’ll look at in the last few weeks of class, including copyright and the DMCA, domain name disputes, and network neutrality.

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